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The Iceman Cometh…. standard

WOD:  The Iceman Cometh:
2 Person Team WOD:
400m:  Both teammates must carry (1) 65# barbell at the same time.
100 KB Swings:  (55/35):  One person working at a time
400m with the bar again.
100 Pull-Ups
400m with the bar again.
100 Push-Ups
400m with the bar again
100 Back Squats (65#)
The bar must not hit the ground at any time during the [...]

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CrossFit Hero WOD: Santora standard

U.S. Army Sergeant Jason A. Santora, of Farmingville, New York, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based out of Fort Benning, Georgia, died in Logar province, Afghanistan on April 23, 2010, from wounds sustained during a firefight with insurgents. He is survived by his parents Gary and Theresa, and sister Gina.
Three rounds for [...]

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Turkey Lurkey standard

Four Person Teams: ¬†Teammate 1 will start with the tire pulls. ¬†Once he/she is done with the tire pulls he/she will proceed to the 200m run and Teammate 2 will begin the tire pulls, then Teammate 3 then Teammate 4. ¬†You must stay in order. ¬†Teammate 2 cannot pass teammate 1, etc…the row is split [...]

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Saturday Team WOD standard

Good luck to Coach Carl as he competes today in the Bayou City CrossFit Open. ¬†He will be competing in three disciplines: the Olympic-style Snatch, Clean & Jerk as well as a third CrossFit WOD. ¬†Go Get ‘Em Carl!!!!
We have some awesome Team WODs lined up for this morning.  Class starts at 9:00 AM!  Be [...]

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