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Hero WOD: Lee standard

Five Rounds:
400m Run
1 DL (345/245)
3 Squat Cleans (185/135)
5 Push Jerks (185/135)
3 Muscle-Ups
1 Rope Climb (3:1)
Scaled MU: 1 MU = 3 Pull Ups or Ring Rows + 3 Ring Dips
Scale As Necessary: Do what YOU can do
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Dick Alson Lee Jr., 31, of Orange Park, Florida, assigned to the 95th Military Police [...]

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All Natural Beaver Butt Juice: Now With Sweetners! standard

All Natural Beaver Butt Juice: Now With Sweetners!

2 Person Partner WOD: 7 Minute AMRAP
7 Hand Release Push-Ups
7 Goblet Squats (70/55)
7 Slam Ball Get-Ups (AHAP)
Switch After Every Round
Rest 5 Minutes
2 Person WOD: 7 Minute AMRAP
Thrusters (95/65)
Switch At Any Time
Sunshine quit skipping the WODs!
Air Squats
Run 200m Between Each Set

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