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CF Open WOD 15.1/15.1a standard

FRIDAY: This is the box’s WOD for Friday for EVERYONE. Competing or not, everyone will be doing this WOD. However, only those competing in the Open will be judged. Sign-up if you haven’t done so already!!!!!
Judging will be during normal class hours on Friday and on Saturday from 10-11 AM.
Workout 15.1
9-minute AMRAP:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts [...]

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OPEN GYM standard

This is your day to come on in and run/row, stretch or work on a skill, lift, missed WOD, etc… The box will be open during the regular class hours. Your coaches can make a WOD for you if you want to do one. Open gym allows athletes that may not have time on [...]

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Whiff It and Sniff It standard

Strength: Snatch Deadlift 
5 Reps @ 100% (Snatch) x 2 Sets
3 Reps @ 105% (Snatch) x 3 Sets
If you are unable to maintain perfect posture in the set-up of your snatch-grip deadlift, you need to elevate the barbell. Do this by setting the rack pins as low as you are able to go while maintaining good [...]

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